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Energetics - Biomass - Telecommunication

Drying lines

Raw material drying is our specialty. In our lines we use our own technological solutions.

Granulating lines

We have many years of experience in pellet production. We have proven and reliable technical solutions.

Waste processing

The issue of municipal waste is a growing social problem. Our technology serves us all.

Industrial automation

It is 21st century. Our systems use cutting edge control technology.

Machines modernization

We renew machinery and equipment and update the control to improve performance.


We have been investing in the telecommunication industry since 1987.

About us

We specialize in the implementation of industrial investments, including the process of reconciliation, performance and approval of design documentation, the construction of designed machines and production systems. We operate throughout Poland.
At the beginning the company was involved in the production of pellets according to DIN 51731. Currently we carry out tasks comprehensively providing our clients with an offer in various variants:
• Investments realization in „turnkey system”- design and construction,
• Preparation of the project documentation,
• Construction and installation works based on the project documentation provided by the client,
• Running industrial and energy investments as a general contractor.

We are a Polish company offering proven equipment. We would like to present you the offer of our lines and components manufactured by us.


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Maciej Furmaniak

Maciej Furmaniak

Representative & design

Tel. +48 508 216 617
E-mail: maciej.furmaniak@furel.pl

Wojciech Kóska

Wojciech Kóska

Construction & desgin

Tel. +48 697 448 855
E-mail: wojciech.koska@furel.pl

Dariusz Goliński

Dariusz Goliński


Tel. + 48 693 333 755
E-mail: dariusz.golinski@furel.pl

Mirosław Skoczypiec

Mirosław Skoczypiec

Construction manager

Tel. +48 504 087 185
E-mail: skoczypiec@furel.pl

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Łagiewnicka 167
91-863 Łódź
NIP 725-10-12-777


Renata Jędrzejczak
Tel. +48 506 170 544
E-mail: furel@furel.pl

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